How to Overcome Distractions

How to Overcome Bright Shiny Object Syndrome . . .


Are you frustrated because you know that you get attracted to something new today, buy it, start to listen, read, or study, but by tomorrow you are excited about something else?

Are you tired of falling into the same old pattern, over and over again?

Or perhaps you are angry with yourself for sabotaging your success by falling into repetitive failure traps?

I’m calling it what it is in this letter . . . and by the way, I applaud you for continuing to read after I have, frankly speaking, probably just offended you.

But let’s face it, that’s the way it is.

I’ve been there.

You aren’t alone, that’s for sure.

Probably the single biggest roadblock to success is the big three repetitive failure traps:

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Doing the same thing over and over again when it isn’t getting you results

Getting mesmerized by your daily schedule to sabotage your success.

Now, I wish I could tell you that if you get rid of these 3 things, you will all of a sudden become successful.

But I can’t, because there are other components to success: drive, desire, hard work, the right idea, the right solution to the right problem for your target market, and so on.

BUT . . . my guess is that if you realize you have a problem with Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, doing the same non-productive things over and over again, and so on, you probably already have an idea of what it takes to become successful, but you can’t do it because of these terrible traps and obstacles.

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up in the morning, excited about what you are going to work on today.

You are going to build something, write something, help someone in a big way.

Then you open your inbox and you read and answer emails for an hour.

You read about a new traffic source or some elixir for success, and you invest in the training for $25.

You plan to start studying it later in the day.

But first you have to check on some accounts, return a few phone calls, and plan for your business.

You find yourself in facebook for awhile, and then pull yourself out with a massive push of self-discipline and you are angry with yourself.

You decide to take lunch to give yourself a break and a reset (good thing, actually)

But when you come back, you open up that old nemesis, email, again. And get lost there. You get an idea about something, you look it up online. And if you are lucky, you don’t buy another Bright Shiny Object.

At the end of the day, you are disappointed with yourself, but because you are success-minded person who’s been conditioned to use positive affirmations for success, you positively affirm that tomorrow will be a better day.

So you close up your computer, head down to the kitchen to make dinner, content with yourself over your, frankly speaking, failure of a day.

Does this sound familiar?

It does to me.

And before I share with you what to do to overcome this, I have to be honest with you:

I have days like that.

Yes, Sean Mize, productivity expert extraordinaire as some may think, yes, I have days like that.

Complete failures.

And yet, because I’m conditioned to “think positively” it’s okay.

Friend, it’s not.

It’s sabotaging your success, and one day at a time, it is sabotaging your ability to help others.


It’s got to change, right?

You can’t keep living that cycle over and over and over again if you want to live your dreams and achieve your goals.

Now, here’s the thing, it doesn’t require self-discipline.

It doesn’t actually require an amazing amount of motivation or positive thinking or happy affirmations.

I don’t really do those things.

Instead, I have discovered that if you have a rock-solid goal that is emotionally rich and you create a plan that will result in your success when that plan is followed – and you follow a few simple rules, like don’t open email until your One Big Thing is done each day, you can escape the power of the Bright Shiny Object trap, the repetitive failure cycle, and the constant looping that is sabotaging your future.

And I’ve created a powerful training program to give you the guidance you need to get started.

Now, let me say this: if you buy this now, and don’t crack it open, just buying it isn’t going to fix your problem.

You see, one of the things that leads to bright shiny object syndrome is that just the act of buying something feels good, it feels comforting.

So when you buy this today (or any other training), you feel comfort.

But by tomorrow, the comfort is gone, and if you haven’t studied and changed your life, then you will simply buy something else tomorrow.

Are you willing to simply take action, invest today the price of 2 cups of coffee, and commit to spending about 3 hours studying my methods, and then 3 more hours to put together a plan to follow, and read one chapter per day in a book I’ll recommend?

If not, don’t buy this.

It will not help you (unless you just need a quick hit of dopamine).

Do not buy this.

Please, ONLY invest if you PROMISE to use it.

Note: there is no list of bullet points.

Bullet points make you feel comfortable, like you are getting what you pay for or something.

Then you try to sweep through the training, hunting for the bullet points.

Instead, I want you to immerse yourself in my training for about 3 hours, then IMPLEMENT like crazy.

If you are truly ready to abolish bright shiny object syndrome forever and change your life dramatically, take action now, and get out of this dangerous trap forever:




Here’s the thing, there is a negative repetitive pattern that is killing your chance for success.

You know it, I know it.

And if you keep doing what you are doing, you’ll keep getting the results you are getting?

Are you tired of the cycle?

Are you willing to invest 6 hours into getting out?

If so, get started now:




P.S., like I said, I don’t want to brag, that’s not my style, but if you don’t know me personally, you might want to read some of these testimonials about me:







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