Happiness Is A Good Medicine?


Happiness is a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant. It has proven also from the medical standpoint and ethical standpoint that happy person keeps doctor away.

Don’t you like happy person?. Happiness is native to the human mind and its physical machine of our body. Research has proven that happiness is Good Medicine.


We think better, feel better, perform better and feel healthier when we are happy. During research, Russian psychologist Kekcheyev tested people when they were thinking pleasant and unpleasant thoughts. He determined that when thinking pleasant thoughts people could see better, taste, smell and hear better and they could detect finer differences in touch. Research has also shown that eyesight also improves when you thinking pleasant thoughts.

When you are happy and thinking pleasant thoughts your memory also improves.

Harvard psychologist studied the correlation between happiness and criminality and concluded that

old Douch proverb, “Happy people are never wicked”, was scientifically true. Dr. Schindler has said that unhappiness is the sole cause of psychosomatic ills and happiness is only cure.


Thousands of years ago King Solomon said “A Merry Heart doeth good like medicine, but a broken spirit drieth up the bones.”


Survey has showed that by and large, optimistic, happy and cheerful people are more successful. 

Be Happy – You will feel better, healthier & more successful.


Smile and the Word will smile with You!


Think, Feel & Act Happy Always….& You Will Be Happy…… 

Vj Shah


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