Did You know You have a Wonderful Gift of Choice?

Every moment in our life, we are creating thoughts that produces either good or bad, happiness or dissatisfaction, love or hate, success or failure.

But we have a gift of our brain that helps us to use our conscious mind with wonderful gift of choice.

Using power of our gift of choice and our conscious mind we can direct our mind where we want to go in our life and how we want to get there. We have a choice to believe in ourselves and our ability as well as making choice every moment in directing our path in life.

Once we choose our path and kind of result we get we can always change our direction based on our experience but we must make decision. If results are not satisfactory then we have a choice to improve.

We all have the power of choice and it is up to us to use it.

So Use it or Lose it!

Vj Shah

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