Climbing The Ladder of Success?

Climbing The Ladder of Success?

A little boy and his mother was at a yard sale. The boy saw a beautiful picture of a log cabin and the White House. Between the log cabin and the white House there was a ladder. The ladder was standing at the bottom, looking up to the White House, was a caricature of Abraham Lincoln.


A little boy who was looking the picture curiously said, “Mommy, what does it mean?”


It means son Abraham Lincoln climbed the ladder all the way from the log cabin to the White House.


Then she added, “Look, at at the line that is under the picture.”


Under the picture the line, “The Ladder is still there.”


There is a ladder for you and everyone, that can take us where we are to where we want to go. All we need is a dream and determination regardless obstacles or circumstances.


If we are bottom of ladder economically, culturally or physically we can climb up. If we believe and and are determined we all can climb the ladder of success.


Abraham Lincoln’s record is as follows:


  1. Lost job 1832

  2. Defeated for Legislature 1832

  3. Failed in business 1833

  4. Elected to Legislature 1834

  5. Sweetheart dies 1835

  6. Had nervous breakdown 1836

  7. Defeated for speaker 1838

  8. Defeated for the nomination for congrss 1843

  9. Elected to Congress 1846

  10. Lost renomination 1848

  11. Rejected for Land officer 1849

  12. Defeated foe Senate 1854

  13. Defeated for nomination for Vice-President 1856

  14. Again defeated for senate 1858

  15. Elected President 1860


Even after facing all kind of adversities, failures and difficulties Abraham Lincoln  still came out at the Top.


Do you want to Climb the Ladder from log cabin to White House?

Probably not. But do You have some goals and dreams, don’t you?


Then……………Time is NOW……… Go for Your Dreams………………

 Vj Shah




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