Did You know You have a Wonderful Gift of Choice?

Every moment in our life, we are creating thoughts that produces either good or bad, happiness or dissatisfaction, love or hate, success or failure.

But we have a gift of our brain that helps us to use our conscious mind with wonderful gift of choice.

Using power of our gift of choice and our conscious mind we can direct our mind where we want to go in our life and how we want to get there. We have a choice to believe in ourselves and our ability as well as making choice every moment in directing our path in life.

Once we choose our path and kind of result we get we can always change our direction based on our experience but we must make decision. If results are not satisfactory then we have a choice to improve.

We all have the power of choice and it is up to us to use it.

So Use it or Lose it!

Vj Shah

You have a Choice to Choose Your path in Life?

People can take one path of three paths in life.

(1) Path that Leads to Mediocrity

(2) Path that Leads to Failure

(3) Path that Leads to Success

The path to mediocrity is the easiest but it is not only the easiest but the most dangerous.

Why? Because it is easy to be a mediocre and it doesn’t cost anything.

Therefore many people commit themselves to mediocrity and being unsuccessful, they do not try and take personal responsibility for their life.

These people also think negatively and they do not want others to be successful either. These people blame their failures to others, economy, government, school system, teachers, friends, media etc….etc, and waste their energy in blaming others and their circumstances or government. There are people who are always willing to tell you your problems, your faults, your sins including blaming god telling you your are a born sinner! All they are doing is helping you find your level of mediocrity, because they are not successful. These people discourage you and try to talk you out new adventures and challenges, all because they don’t want you to succeed.

Mediocrity leads to apathy and apathy leads to boredom, boredom leads to why bother and finally to failure not taking on any challenges in life.

Path to mediocrity leads to us to path of failure not facing and trying new adventures and challenges in life. We live in a negative society, 98% of news in TV and Newspaper each day is negative. By the time we wake up in the morning and have first cup of Coffee or Tea, we are bombarded with news of bad economy, shooting, murder, rape, violence in school etc. Perheps some of these people leave their homes depressed, frightened and discouraged. But, We do not have to live this way.

There is a Path for Success. The Secret is we have to change our self first then we can change others and the world! Accept the challenge to go forward towards the path to success. Path to success is not easy but is adventurous, challenging and rewarding.

Think About The Path You Want To Take.

I hope You Take The Right Path To Success.

Vj Shah

Make A Habit of Making Good Decisions

Make A Habit of Making Good Decisions

Making good decisions is a key to success.

We humans are creatures of habits. If we procrastinate, we should remind ourselves that we are paying a tremendous price for our this negative habit.

Procrastination is a fault that most people ignore to correct. Procrastination is a Luxury and very few of us can afford it.

If we have decided or not decided on any problem, we actually have made a decision, that means we have made a decision by not making decision and again we are off in the same old thought and habit of procrastination.

The best decisions made by the successful people are decisions made quickly after they obtain all the information necessary to make decision. They are slow to change that decision once it has been made.

The non-doers and indecisive types of people are slow to make decision and if they ever make one, they change it fast without thinking and considering all the information & consequences. If you do procrastinate and want to make good decisions, Write down on a piece of all the reasons you think of to be a DOOR, A DECISION MAKER….then write down the ideas you have that INDICISION. Think and see exactly what procrastination is doing to hinder your progress, goal achievement and all the things that you want out of life.

Once you have made a decision not to procrastinate then follow through on your plan with action, regardless of obstacles, criticism, circumstances or what other people think or do.


Start today, Right Now, Say “I WILL make every decision necessary for me to achieve my goals.


Starting Today…….. I CAN SO I WILL………

T o Your Success,

Vj Shah


Happiness Is A Good Medicine?


Happiness is a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant. It has proven also from the medical standpoint and ethical standpoint that happy person keeps doctor away.

Don’t you like happy person?. Happiness is native to the human mind and its physical machine of our body. Research has proven that happiness is Good Medicine.


We think better, feel better, perform better and feel healthier when we are happy. During research, Russian psychologist Kekcheyev tested people when they were thinking pleasant and unpleasant thoughts. He determined that when thinking pleasant thoughts people could see better, taste, smell and hear better and they could detect finer differences in touch. Research has also shown that eyesight also improves when you thinking pleasant thoughts.

When you are happy and thinking pleasant thoughts your memory also improves.

Harvard psychologist studied the correlation between happiness and criminality and concluded that

old Douch proverb, “Happy people are never wicked”, was scientifically true. Dr. Schindler has said that unhappiness is the sole cause of psychosomatic ills and happiness is only cure.


Thousands of years ago King Solomon said “A Merry Heart doeth good like medicine, but a broken spirit drieth up the bones.”


Survey has showed that by and large, optimistic, happy and cheerful people are more successful. 

Be Happy – You will feel better, healthier & more successful.


Smile and the Word will smile with You!


Think, Feel & Act Happy Always….& You Will Be Happy…… 

Vj Shah


Stress-Free Life with Time Management

Can’t meet deadlines? Feel like there are so many things to do and so little time? Feeling stressed out and feel that you have not done much after a whole day’s work? You just might be suffering from lack of time management. Time management is a skill that can be learned through time and constant practice… as long as you are determined to acquire it. I assure you, if you accept this fact and take this advice seriously, you will like the result and will never look back. In fact, it might even be the key to your professional and personal success!  How do you go about it?  

(1) Know your priorities. Make a list of your life’s priorities from the most important to the least important – both in the professional and personal facets of your life.  This will include all six areas of life. (1) Career & Financial. (2) Family & Home. (3) Physical & Health. (4) Mental & Education. (5) Spiritual & Ethics. (6) Social & Cultural.  

(2) Make list of your Goals & Priorities.Make a long term plan and a list of goals for what you want to achieve in life. This could be five years, ten years or life long goals.  

(3) Make a Short Term plan. Make three to six months or a year plan – based on your long-term plan.  

(4) Make daily planner. Make a daily plan or daily activity list commitment towards the achievement of your short, medium and long-term goals.   

(5) Never lose sight of your goals or your long-term plans. If possible, have a visual aid of those plans pinned on your board or pasted on your desk.  

(6) Focus on your efforts to realize your plans. Overcome procrastination. Follow through on your plans regardless of obstacles, criticism, circumstances or what other people say.  

(7) Evaluate / Assess after every short-term plan and see where you have gone so far. And make another short-term plan for the next short-term goal.

(8) Be flexible yet firm in setting and working out your plans. For sure, there are people and circumstances that will force you to make adjustments on your list of priorities for the month or for the day. If somebody makes a request which you think you cannot accommodate and which is not that important anyway then learn to say ‘no’, and stand by your decision.  

(9) Reward yourself for every success that you’ve done in the process of implementing your plans. Visit to a good restaurant or an ice cream place. Visit to a theme park, visit to a spa for relaxation if you think you have done something in the pursuit of your plans and you deserve a little ‘pat in the back’.  If you think well, plan well, work well and manage your time well then you will have a stress-free & happy life.  

Vj Shah

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I used to ask my friends and other people what they wanted out of life that will make them happy. The answers I get them were such as “I I want to make lots of money,” I want bigger house,” I wish I look better,” I want to give better education to my kids,” I want to be better husband or wife,” I wish I could lose some weight,”I want to travel and see places in the world.” Most of us have just as many wishes as we have wants. A wish wish, by itself will not do any good. I may excite you but it will not disturb you. In other words a wish or want will not prompt you to to take action and do something about it to come true. Instead of wish or want. A goal with action will. My wife and I took vacation to Thailand this year. It was wonderful and dream come true without any stress and pressure of daily routine life. I wish I go back again sometimes. But I do not wish hard enough to do anything about right now. Thinking about it makes me feel good, but it does not disturb me enough to make me take action. A goal, on the other hand, will excite me or you and disturb enough to take action in order to satisfy it. Wishes or want can become Goals. Bot Goals can never become wishes Set the Goal. Write down Your Goals.

Take Action. You will Succeed.

You be the King!

To Your Success,

Vj Shah


Enjoy Every Hour with Happiness

Happiness. It is the ultimate goal of every human being as argued by the great philosopher Aristotle. We are all willing to do everything and give up anything just to possess it. But, still, we rarely find it. Why is this one transcendental good so hard to find? And if it is found, why does it slip away so fast?


This is so because we look for it in the shallowest things like material wealth. We depend it on major events like getting a promotion or having a new job.

We always fail to appreciate what we have and grieve over the things that we don’t have. We count our troubles instead of our joys. And oftentimes, we spend our every hour thinking that life is just one continuous toxic event and our everyday life is a mere repetition of the many yesterdays that have passed.

We get up from bed in the morning, go to work or to school, go home in the evening and that is how we spend too much on the repetitiveness of our life. Every passing moment, we think how colorless life is that we tend not to see the beauty of the simplest things that surround us.

With our busy life these times, it is not easy to grasp happiness in our hands especially when we are too much engrossed on our hectic schedules and demanding lifestyle. But if we just alter our priorities and our perception of life, we will notice that happiness is just around the corner, quietly waiting for our attention.

Let us all shun away from being gloomy, and replace our frowns with laughter and smiles. Happiness is never too far. We just have to knock at its door, and it will open widely for us.

To be happy, we must eliminate our attachment from worldly things. We have to think that our life has a meaning. We must learn to appreciate the things that we have and must not ask for more than what we need.

We should have something to do and to hope for. We must practice the art of compassion every time. We must cease to hate and break off in holding on to bitterness, but rather fill our hearts with love and only love. And we must not worry too much on the unfairness of life, instead fill our every hour breathing, living, and loving life despite all its uncertainties.

Today I saw two deers in back yard looking so innocent enjoying time together. Watching now Butterflies flying in my back yard and listening to birds talking. I just thought that certain things we take it granted in life but just realized how lucky we are those who have eyes and ears that we often take it granted and never realize what we already have. Enjoy every minute of your time an appreciate your time.

That is the real happiness—the kind that is not masked by fake smiles, but felt by the heart and reflected in the contentment of the soul.

Be Happy….Be Happy….

Vj Shah


Time is Gold but Nobody Seems to Care

Once time is wasted there is nothing much you can do to retrieve or replace it. It is lost forever. Time is the most precious of wealth you can ever desire and have. Everyone has 24 hours of time each day no more, no less. It is not gold for nothing. Everything in life is measured by time. Life is ticking each and every moment. How well you make use of your time is the most valuable lesson you can ever learn in your entire stay in this material world.

Appreciate time. One needs to understand the essence of time. If time is as precious as the most valued stones on earth, you must recognize the extent of its significance and value. You can always replace gold with another one but not time. A wasted time is gone forever. Therefore, you have to acknowledge how important it is.

Hurl procrastination off the back door. Dawdling is time’s worst enemy. This is the reason why you have so many projects on your mind and yet none of them ever materialized. You keep putting them off until tomorrow as if tomorrow is a reality. Nothing matters but today. The events of the past were useful on the formation of what is today and we need to recognize that fact but those were the days. Nothing matters but today. Tomorrow will be as useful as yesterday only if we try to do well today. Live in the present. The past is done. The future might never come. Today is all you have and it contains 24 gold-like hours. What you can do today do not put off until tomorrow.

Create a schedule. It is always advisable to plan. Jot down all the things that you need to accomplish for that day and make a schedule. Making a schedule is not predicting the future, which is a form divination. Rather, it is about knowing what you may and may not carry out on that particular day. It serves as a guide to achieve your specific goals. It frees you from the burden of having to recall, every time, what you need to do next. It makes you go through the day smoothly with much ease and minimizes your stress level.

Quality over quantity. Cramming in more activities than what you can handle is as useless as procrastination. You will end up oversaturated while the work you have accomplished is as messy and muddled as your stress level. Do not sacrifice the amount of things you can do in a given time over how well you can do them. Nobody will appreciate substandard work hastily done. Spend the same amount of time with so much more attention and care. In the end you will realize it pays to value quality over quantity.

Life is not a race. It doesn’t matter who arrives at the finish line first. The most important thing is how well you spend your time over things that are truly productive. How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Time changes things, but you actually have to change them.